About RE/MAX Poland

The History Story
Upset with the bad name that poorly trained novices and casual part-timers were giving the real estate profession, Dave Liniger in 1973 started a real estate company in Denver that would limit itself to hiring only full-time, experienced professionals. He wanted a company where homebuyers and sellers could walk into any office in any market, confident they would receive the level of professional service that a transaction of such magnitude demands.

Continuous Growth
Although RE/MAX growth in the early years wasn't exactly stellar, the company has grown every month since its founding. The concept that seemed so logical and powerful to Dave Liniger, was extremely threatening to the industry status quo. Concerted efforts were made to impede the company's growth. At the close of 1973, there were just 21 agents and eight offices.

By 1976 there were 100 agents and by 1977, with 480 agents in the system, RE/MAX gained No. 1 market share in its headquarters city of Denver. That same year, the company expanded into Canada.

In 1978, RE/MAX added its 100th office and 1,000th agent - and the hot air balloon became the company's official corporate logo. By 1980, the organization had 3,000 agents.

By 1984, there were 5,000 agents. In the following year, nearly 3,000 agents joined the system. By 1986, RE/MAX was at 1,000 offices and 10,000 agents. By 1987, there was just one larger real estate company in the United States. In 1988, RE/MAX became the largest real estate company in Canada and there were 20,000 RE/MAX agents across North America.

In 1990, RE/MAX agents closed 636,366 transactions, representing $63.96 billion in sales. The following year, RE/MAX expanded into the Caribbean where today it's the region's largest real estate operation. In 1992, RE/MAX expanded into Mexico.

In 1994, the RE/MAX Satellite Network was launched, broadcasting continuing education programming six hours a day to RE/MAX offices across North America. No other real estate company operates an equivalent system of advanced training.

Continuous Growth Internationally
In 1995, RE/MAX has expanded into Southern Africa, Europe and Israel. This Web site was established, with a link to RE/MAX property listings and agent profiles from across North America.

In 1996, RE/MAX International was recipient of Income Opportunities magazine's first Franchise Relations Award, based on superior support, training, and communications services provided to franchisees. Expansion continued with offices opening in Central America and Australia - and by the end of the year RE/MAX had offices in 20 countries and spanned five continents.

Today, with over 100,000 agents, more then 6,750 offices in more than 95 countries, the milestone has been passed.

The Most Productive Agents
That basic concept enabled RE/MAX (Real Estate Maximums) to grow into the most productive organization the industry has seen. RE/MAX agents on average have more experience and sell more homes than other agents in the industry. A former top agent himself, Liniger set up RE/MAX offices so that agents would equally share expenses of the operation. That meant each agent had to be skilled enough to generate the income needed to pay a set fee every month.

Traditionally, Office Owners
required agents to pay the office half their earnings to cover operating expenses. The traditional structure was a great deal for beginners, part-timers and marginal producers. They could go months without selling a house and not be out any of their own dollars. For these agents, the thought of facing a monthly bill for office expenses was terrifying. Only the most experienced, competent and successful agents saw benefits to the RE/MAX system.

Success Breeds Success
And interestingly enough, once true professionals started working together in the same office, their skills improved even more. It was a classic case of improving your golf game by playing with better golfers.

The RE/MAX approach had a profound impact on the industry, and today there are many imitators. But none has yet been able to match the level of professionalism held by RE/MAX agents. Indeed, both consumers and others in the industry continue to perceive RE/MAX as the ultimate organization with which top real estate professional affiliates.

RE/MAX agents average 12 years of experience, far exceeding the industry average. They also surpass their peers in professional designations - a sign of advanced education in real estate sales and marketing.

We know how important it is to keep pace with change - to anticipate new trends in the market and integrate new technologies. At RE/MAX, we recognize that to stay ahead we must provide the most comprehensive service and deliver the best results.

Education and Training
We encourage our Sales Associates to refresh their skills and update their knowledge - to be in tune with their customers changing needs. Education and training is key as only the most qualified Sales Associates are capable of delivering the level of service that RE/MAX customers have come to expect.

High Customer Satisfaction
RE/MAX receives some of the highest customer satisfaction ratings in virtually any service category, providing a wide range of support including:

  • customized marketing plans designed to attract the greatest number of "qualified buyers" in the shortest period of time
  • top performer networking to help buy or sell your home
  • professional relocation and commercial real estate services

A Worldwide Referral Network
A referral network around the world provides customers with assistance in finding the best! From the RE/MAX agent selling your home, to mortgage financing, moving and storage facilities, as well as a wide range of associated services related to buying or selling a home. Above all, RE/MAX Sales Associates are independent business people with a direct stake in selling your home.

Hot air balloons
The RE/MAX Hot Air Balloons are one of the most recognized corporate logos in North America. Although the balloons are independently owned and operated, the corporate "fleet" is approaching 100, the largest in the world.

Children’s Miracle Network
While individual RE/MAX offices and regions have distinguished themselves in various community projects and charities, the official charity of the RE/MAX organization is the Children's Miracle Network (CMN). RE/MAX Sales Associates have raised millions of dollars for CMN hospitals worldwide.