Important fraud information

We got several reports about fake bargain offers of real estate presented on the websites and the email messages sent to potential buyers (tenants) notifying that the RE/MAX company mediates in renting these properties.

The fraudster sends messages to the customers with the information that he can not participate personally in the process of finalizing the lease and suggests that RE/MAX was hired on his behalf to the closing of the transaction. After the payment, he claims that the RE/MAX agent will send the keys to the apartment.

In fact, the agent or RE/MAX agency has nothing in common with these situations - our company is used, because we are an international network of well-known and recognizable brand. The case has already been reported to law enforcement.

We recommend - in your own interest - not to transfer money to unknown bank accounts, ignoring email messages urging similar behavior, or if in doubt contact to RE/MAX Poland or [email protected].